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Entry #1

Hello thar.

2008-03-07 18:14:43 by Chromius

This is an official post stating that this official post has no relevance to anything in particular.

I am not announcing a return to Newgrounds because in all honesty, I was only seduced back from inactivity because of the Newgrounds Card Game.


So, I'm going to do what I always do when I come back for a while. Request a sig, make some posts and then return to the depths of whatever mysterious black hole I crawled out of. Why the hell are you reading my profile anyway? Do I know you?

Until next time, remember:

Hello thar.


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2008-03-08 14:20:18

lmao. damn scientologists.


2008-03-12 11:45:03

That was thoroughly enjoyable.


2008-03-14 10:30:53

lmfao good to see you back chromius. can you make me a sig?