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Grammar nazi

2008-06-25 18:13:26 by Chromius

I don't care much for grammar nazis to be honest, but there is one frequently made error that drives me nuts.

When trying to tell someone that you don't care, the proper saying is:

"I couldn't give less of a _____ " or "I couldn't care less."

Even mainstream music artists get it wrong, like Billie Joe Armstrong in Jesus of Suburbia clearly says "... and I could really care less... " Well, fuck you Green Day. Fuck you for re-enforcing all the grammatically inept tards to screw it up even more.

Saying that you could care less about something implies that you could in fact put forth more of an effort to care about what someone is saying, and that it's not the least you could care about something.

You may think it isn't a big deal, but when it's frequently used by the arseholes of NG in an attempt to be a nonchalant badass, you'd think that the least they could do is get their damn saying straight. If you can't even be bothered to get it right, then just stick to something simpler, like "I don't care."

and the number "Milkshake", you sniveling ass.

Grammar nazi


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2008-06-25 18:23:56

THANK YOU! I'm not the only one that hates that!
Right, like saying "I could care less" means that you're actually caring about it to some extent, that you care about it in some way, because it's not the LEAST you could care.
I've been labeled a grammar nazi as well. Sometimes I can't stand people replacing "You're" with "Your" or vice-versa.

Chromius responds:

Thank the lawd.
The first comment is actually an educated response from someone who's not a moron. There's hope for NG yet.


2008-06-25 19:30:33

I could care less, and I mean that :D

(Updated ) Chromius responds:

Ok, thanks. :)


2008-07-21 00:13:43

Since when was I an arsehole?

Chromius responds:

You're not. You just pulled the ol' 'Could care less' dealie.


2008-10-18 12:33:11



2008-10-27 11:53:48

This is the Bandy tract, you understand?

Do you understand Eli? That's more to the point, do you understand? I drink your water. I drink it up everyday. I drink the blood of laaaaaamb from Bandy's tracttt

Oh yeah I hate that could thing too.


2008-11-22 16:43:22

Which institution for higher learning are you attending in Toronto?

Chromius responds:

Finished higher learning.
Wasn't in Toronto.


2010-04-18 22:07:21

Huh... I've never thought of it like that. So saying I could care less basically means, I could care less, but I don't. I actually care more than that.

So it's more grammatically correct to say I COULDN'T care less, which is to say that it's the least amount that you could possibly care about something... have I got this right?

Chromius responds:

Look at that, you learn something new every day.